Elese Corson – Sharing Her Passion – Indie Band Guru Review

The music business is a tough industry. It is even harder when you try to navigate it alone. The smartest thing to do is make connections and find others that have similar goals and work together to achieve them. Finding someone with more experience that believes in your sound can provide that push over the hump from mediocrity to stardom. We recently came across Elese Corson who seems to be riding this path.

The singer-songwriter hails from Wake Forest, North Carolina. Elese Corson began singing at a young age but really hit her stride while performing musical theater. Here she was able to hide in the character but let her voice truly shine. As some shyness fades Elese found that she had a talent for writing songs as well. Her guitar playing father helped her learn the basics of playing and she was off. Music started to flow.

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