Elese Corson

Elese Corson, a passionate singer/songwriter from Wake Forest, North Carolina, began singing at a very young age. She found her passion for singing through musical theatre where she was able to show her personality through other characters on stage. Elese later discovered she had a talent for writing songs as well. With a little help from her dad who plays guitar, Elese learned to play stringed instruments and has composed many songs including her first original single entitled “Only One Way To Go”. She started performing at venues throughout the Triangle. Elese was later introduced to Craig Brandwynne. They started collaborating on her debut ep, Who I Am, where her lyrics consist of relatable topics and discovering one’s self. Her sights are set on a promising musical career. “I am so impressed with Elese and her music.” Says Craig Brandwynne, “Her lyrics are very mature, along with her melodic approach. She has a great deal of passion in her music”

Elese is performing at Sunfest in West Palm Beach at 7:15pm on May 5th and will appear on CBS12’s morning news at 9:45am that morning. In March Elese performed at SXSW in Austin, TX.

Elese Corson’s New Single “You Don’t Know Me”

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Elese Corson on “Who I Am”:

I think there’s a lot of music out there that teens can relate to, whether it’s relationships or other problems that you may face. I think what makes “Who I Am” different is, it focuses on the mental part of what a teen may go through. The song “Who I Am” forms around the one line “You say you don’t care what people think about you, you’re not living by that code.” From that, the rest of the song fell into place. It’s a line that may not touch you until you’ve heard it a couple times but it will eventually. Then you realize no matter how many times you say “I don’t care what people think about me”, there’s still a part of you that does, and I think a lot of teens won’t admit that to themselves. The song itself was actually written in about two hours, chords, lyrics, everything. Unlike the others, some taking years to evolve into what they are now. It just kind of spilled out of me. I was tired of others walking all over me because they viewed me as someone they could do that to, or judging me when they’ve never had one conversation with me in their life. I think that’s where all the attitude and grit comes from. The rest of the EP focuses on other relatable problems and finding who you are. I think teens have a lot more pressure on them nowadays because we feel like we have to figure out our lives now. It has completely ripped away us living in the moment.  I know that’s a lot to take away from one EP, and one girl. I think everyone just needs to have their own experience with Who I Am.